the ground

so i check my formspring and i get this question:

Any tips on how to find cool things on the ground?

"hahaha, i'm not sure really, always be aware of the little things around you? look at the ground more... walk to places more? if you can get to somewhere where a building has been demolished you could probably find some neat stuff, but never hesitate to pick something random up if you thinks its really cool and not important, good luck!"

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usually the things i pick up off the ground just come in handy as good knick knacks, its rare to find something actually useful but I wouldnt say i go looking for things so yess... if you were really a keener of finding neato things on the ground i would suggest actually going into abandoned buildings, but usually people say to only take pictures and leave the treasures for others to see when your abandoned building hopping [aka Urban Exploring]

[this is a small building we used to frequent, which we called "The Hole", sadly torn down some time ago... it was good for hide and go seak haha]

forests are fantastic for good finds as well, not to mention neato hang outs hidden within

[old pic, but dress and jacket from Winners, shoes from Bang On!, hat from Aldo]

another good place would be anywhere you know if a popular spot for bush parties, theres sure to be tons of things left behind there as well

im sure you could find a couple of souvenirs at concerts as well, hats/sunglasses/jewellery, you never know whats beneath that crazy crowd haha

but if you want to sweet stuff without paying top dollar thift stores and flea markets are always good for solving the problem [though it wont have as cool as a back story :( ]

if youve got any tips feel free to share them!

heres some of the 'best of' of found on the ground [guess whos going to become a pack rat???]
left to right...
[piece of that graffitied wall, sunglasses from Girl Talk concert, cool pipe from resting ground of The Hole, shoe from outside my school, rusty spray paint can from forest behind The Hole, bottle caps from here and there, pipe from the street, glasses from outside being demolished school, photo of a girl and her bunny on someones front lawn..., car part and liscense plate form the sidewalk]

this is just a sick pipe, really i do nothing with it it sits under my bed... but maybe when i get a place to myself ill mount it on the wall or something because i love it haha

love this shoe! size 9 mens converse with a sweet inner layer as well, not to mention its spray painted gold?

pretty much my pride and joy, i mean first of all, Girl Talk concert?? second, THEYRE 3 FRIGGIN COLOURS!!!!!

so good luck with all your endeavors, hope you find some cool stuff haha [dont steal though]

also i found my crappy lenseless glasses.... THEY WERE WHERE I ALWAYS PUT THEM. got im an idiot, ive been whining about that for 2 weeks.


  1. i once found a pair of rollerskates, my size too!

  2. damn now thats a find! beat me by a long shot!

  3. oh and that pipe was given to you by me, from Laurentian I'm pretty sure.

  4. youre right! im always like why the hell did i pick this up its just a pipe, but now i know it has some worth :)


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